Trending Twits For The Weekend of 1/10/2014

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This weekend, as I watched people express themselves in 140 characters or less; I kept an eye on what was trending to see what was important to Twitter users as a whole. I am both proud and ashamed of all of us.


We get pride points for Tweeting about Utah Marriage Equality being recognized by the Federal Government; just in time for tax season, even against the wishes of the Governor. Sports fans predictably tweeted about Lane Kiffin, and his chance to ruin another college football team’s record after his termination from the Trojans. Good luck to Alabama in their future games, I guess. Ariel Sharon was another big trending point, as his death was made public this weekend. My favorite part of the Ariel Sharon story was hearing the BBC News Podcast do a half hour story on him, even though they did nothing on Margaret Thatcher after she died.

It’s looking like there’s going to be more shame than pride of the Twitter Trends, so let’s get right to it. Chris Christie, of course, became a trending topic after he allegedly blocked traffic on the George Washington Bridge for nearly four days back in October. Some say it was his staff issuing a closure to punish the Fort Lee Mayor, others state that it was just Christie out for a jog.

Chris Christe -

Chris Christe –

Speaking of votes that mean something, “Directioners” and “Beliebers” hit the Twitterscape using the hashtags #EXADirectioners and #EXABeliebers to vote in a contest for Mexican Radio Station EXA. Whichever group has the most hashtags gets a three hour marathon of their musician. As of now, it’s been a complete domination all weekend for #EXADirectioners. So a congratulations is in order to One Direction fans and a giant apology to all of Mexico.

While those tweets were competing for airtime for music “the kids” like, some hashtags were to raise popularity and numbers for “Twitter Famous” kids. #RickyDillonTo500k encouraged Twitter followers to get Youtube Personality Ricky Dillon to 500,000 followers (#seewhattheydidthere) and why not? After all, this kid has Twitter posts like: “I still listen to Nsync and sing every last word.”

Which means the Ricky Dillon version of “Bye, Bye, Bye” starts out:

Tonight, fight.


On endlessly me.

Alone more lie door, bye…

Ricky Dillion -

Ricky Dillion –

The other faux celeb hashtag was #GetCamTo800k (I’ll let you figure out this one). I checked out Cam Dillon’s Twitter account and found out his actual claim to fame is a set of abs. So, if you are one of the 800k followers, you most likely have to announce your arrival to everyone in your neighborhood. The best part about these kids is that their YouTube pages are perfect for those who enjoy hearing 16-18 year old boys yell for five minutes, or want to hear Rebecca Black say “vagina”.

The obvious trending topics this weekend were #GoldenGlobes and #NFLPlayoffs. With the Golden Globes happening this weekend, it’s no surprise Tina and Amy became a trending topic. #ERedCarpet trended, and the surprise trend of the night went to Jaqueline Bisset; who saw Kristen Stewart at the Oscars and thought “I can top that!” She went on a rambling speech about the BBC, Irish Culture, and “Where’s that damn music coming from?”

On the Gridiron side of the Sportsball games I found it hilarious that #NFLPlayoffs and #NOvsSEA had to be promoted Tweets, while everyone really wanted to talk about #SDandDEN. Why did I find it funny? Because I don’t follow sports and assume it’s because the Seahawks vs. The Saints was a terrible game.

The Interactive Tweet Trend of the Weekend was #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithBeard. While this is fun, it’s almost too easy to do and therefore you get more accidental hits than misses. Some of my favorites were:



@wrestlingleva: Thor: The Dark Beard

@_snape_: Harry Potter and the Beard of Secrets

@SomeAvgGirl: The Perks of Being a Beard

And… the “Hidden Genius” aka “Complete Idiot” award goes to:

@ParANoId245, who’s tweet is either the most genius thing I’ve ever seen, or appropriate for mass mocking:

“Beard (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)”

I’m sure you have some of your own you’d like to share, or maybe you already did. Please leave a comment with your own #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithBeard and I’ll pick my favorite to share in the next article. May the hashtag be ever in your favor! #HowGreatWasHungerGames.



Dave Kempher is a stand-up comedian from South Bend, IN who has made it his mission to help this struggling company called Twitter.

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